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Natasha Smith is a Registered Massage Therapist located in the heart of Mahone Bay, NS. Natasha's massage therapy practice is committed to providing a holistic approach with a focus on supporting Women's Health. Through intake and assessment Natasha formulates a clinical impression and treatment plan taking into consideration each woman as a whole. 


Through 15 years of experience, continuing education, research and personal experience Natasha has developed a keen interest in prenatal, postpartum recovery, menstrual disorders, menopause, pelvic dysfunction/pain, stress management and insomnia. Some of her clinical skills include  general swedish massage, deep tissue massage, prenatal and postpartum recovery massage, strain/counterstrain and cupping. Natasha has also taken additional courses in assessment and treatment of the thoracic spine, sacrum/iliac/pubic symphysis (pelvis), coxofemoral joint (hip), lower extremity (knee/ankle/foot) as well as two introductory courses in natural nutrition and workshops on how to support hormones naturally using essential oils.


Natasha is local to the Mahone Bay Area and often takes advantage of everything the South Shore has to offer. When Natasha is not supporting women in her treatment room, you're likely to find her in a pilates or yoga class, at a farmer's market, cafe hopping, breathing in the salt water air, or forest bathing with her family. 


It can help with

Why Massage Therapy?


Short term benefits:

Decrease anxiety and improve mood.


Massage therapy: 

  • Stimulates the release of serotonin (neurotransmitter involved in mood, sleep and memory).

  • Activates the Parasympathetic Nervous System (Rest-and-digest).


Long term benefits: Pain reduction and water retention.


Massage Therapy:

  • Stimulates the release of endorphins (natural pain relievers).

  • Promotes circulation and lymph flow to relieve abdominal bloating and swelling.


  • Hormone regulation

  • Helps to reduce swelling and edema

  • Improvement of nerve pain

  • Reduces back and joint pain

  • Speeds up venous/lymph circulation

  • Reduces muscle tension and headaches

  • Reduces stress and anxiety

  • Improves oxygenation of soft tissues and muscles


Research has shown that increased levels of stress hormones can subsequently suppress ovulation in women causing a condition called "Stress-induced reproduction dysfunction". Massage as a stress reduction tool can help restore hormonal imbalances and increase blood flow to reproductive organs to help reestablish normal menstruation.

Massage can have a powerful influence in decreasing the effects of stress, anxiety and depression. It helps calm the nervous system and reduce cortisol levels.

The relaxation effect is further enhanced by the release of endorphins and serotonin which work together to produce that 'feel good' response.

Massage can be beneficial during all three stages of postpartum recovery: immediate, puerperium and extended recovery.

Some of the benefits include:

  • Stress reduction

  • Elimination and cleansing

  • Emotional support

  • Decrease in physical fatigue

  • Muscle balancing and strengthening

  • Reduction of scar tissue (if recovering from a c-section)

  • Reduce and manage pain

  • Increase local circulation

  • Reduce blood pressure

  • Increase lymphatic flow

  • Increase range of motion of a muscle

  • Relax muscles, decrease spasms, improve resting length of muscles, reduce trigger points, fibrosis and adhesions.

  • Increase activity of immune system


Initial Treatment
75 minutes | $85
Intake | Assessment | 60 minute treatment | Home care exercises through Physitrack
Subsequent Treatments
75 minutes | $85
Reassessment | 60 minute treatment

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466 Main St. Mahone Bay, NS B0J2E0